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What Is Green Tea Matcha Latte & Types of Drink Recipes

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Matcha or Green Tea both come from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to China. However, the grown Green Tea, the tea bushes are shielded from sunlight for about 20–30 days before harvest. The shade triggers an increase in chlorophyll levels, which turns the leaves a darker shade of green and increases the production of amino acids. After harvesting, the stems and veins are removed from the leaves. They are then stone-ground into a fine, bright green powder known as Matcha.

One cup (237 ml) of standard Matcha, made from 4 teaspoons of powder, generally packs about 280 mg of caffeine. This is significantly higher than a cup (237 ml) of regular green tea, which provides 35 mg of caffeine. However, most people don’t drink a full cup (237 ml) of Matcha at once because of its high caffeine content. It’s more common to drink 2–4 ounces (59–118 ml). Caffeine content also varies based on how much powder you add.

Green Tea Matcha Popularity

Matcha has a distinct flavor which makes it fun and easy to incorporate into desserts or different types of beverages. For instance, matcha can be infused in dessert recipes such as cakes, bread, cookies, ice creams, popsicles, or even drinks such as smoothies and cocktails – the options are endless! In cafés, it’s almost a standard to include a matcha latte on the menu because of the high demand. 

Matcha beverages are popular in cafés and restaurants since many consumers are making health-conscious decisions regarding food and drink. Since matcha contains many antioxidant properties, it’s the perfect way to make any recipe healthier!

We will share 5 popular drinks recipes of green tea/ matcha latte:

matcha brew

Iced Matcha (Cold Brew Matcha)

Super easy to make, this iced matcha green tea is perfect for all matcha purists.

matcha milkshake

Matcha Milkshake

Rich, delicious matcha milkshake that takes just 4 minutes from start to finish.

matcha bubble tea

Matcha Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)

Get my tips and tricks to make this delicious and refreshing matcha bubble tea (boba tea) at home without a matcha whisk.

matcha soda

Matcha Soda

A refreshing matcha soda for all green tea lovers. Fizzy water meets matcha syrup to create this bubbly tea drink.

Lastly, which is Green Tea Frappe (or Ice blended). Ice blended is drink that contains milk and/or ice cream and topped with whipped cream, with our GFB MIX-LAH Green Tea Latte Ice Blended powder, it is premix powder that incorporates delicate taste of pure matcha with a slight touch of milkiness and sweetness.

All you need to prepare are

  1. 100g of GFB MIX-LAH Green Tea Latte Ice Blended powder
  2. 250ml of hot water
  3. 1 cup of milk or condensed milk
  4. 400g of ice cubes
  5. Whipped cream as a topping.


Rephrase – (And to top it up a notch to make green tea safari Frappuccino version you need hazelnut syrup, caramel syrup and chocolate chips according to your taste.)

If you’re in a rush, you can combine everything into the blender, blend, serve and top it with whipped cream. But for a better result of Green tea latte ice blended, you can follow this recipe step-by-step. It begins with

  1. Mixing GFB MIX-LAH Green Tea/Matcha Latte Ice Blended powder, milk/ condensed milk and hot water in the blender for a minimum of 30 seconds to 1 minute until it thickened.
  2. Then, add ice cubes, chocolate chip, hazelnut syrup and caramel syrup into the blender and blend it for another 2 minutes till it becomes smooth, icy and fun textures from chocolate chips.
  3. Finally, drizzle the cup with caramel syrup, pour it into the cup and topped it with whipped cream and sprinkle some green tea/matcha powder. And there it is, your Green Tea Ice blended


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