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What is Coffee? Definition of Coffee

Coffee Beans

Coffee, an aromatic cup of dark black liquid with a bitter taste. Old folks always say “the bitter the coffee, the better it is”, after all, it’s just folklore. It originates from coffee beans. these plants are mostly across the Indian Subcontinent, America, South East Asia, and Africa.

Coffee is first founded in Ethiopia, then its existence spreads like wildfire. Coffee comes in many forms, all based on humans’ creativity. Varieties from latte, mocha, long black to affogato and many more. All these coffee essences usually come from Arabica C. and Robusta C., these are the two most common types of coffee but there are still many other more. They both have their own unique taste and usage. After all, they have different origins.

The taste of Arabica C. is smoother than Robusta, thus it has a sweet or fruity taste too which makes it easier to drink with the ideal amount of acidity for a balanced drink. Robusta C., on the other hand, has a harsher taste compare to Arabica C. and also contains a bitter twist and grainy taste. Robusta is usually used for instant coffee and added in small proportions to espresso blends to enhance the flavour. Well then basically Arabica is technically for everything else.

About our GFB coffee here, we use both Arabica & Robusta. So our coffee will taste a little fruity and a little grainy but that’s what makes our coffee special and outstanding. We do a lot of flavours too, fellow readers can always find us through Faceboook, Instagram or just through Shopee.

Coffee comes in lots of forms, all sort of them. By adding milk in some specific ways, we can enjoy a nice latte or flat white. By adding chocolate syrup we can enjoy a nostalgic cup of mocha. We can even cold-brew it and have a nice cup of refreshing coffee.

Coffee has its’ own structure, philosophy, its’ own knowledge people don’t really know about. The world seems so big when even a small bean has so much to share about. Much obliged for reading ladies and gentlemen.

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