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What is Frappe Powder and Frappe Base Powder?

To make a good frappe, be sure to understand the function of its powder mix.

Familiar with frappe? That cool and refreshing drink with a silky-smooth texture and rich flavours. Frappe can be considered a ‘staple’ in local coffee shops and is made famous through established brands like Starbucks or The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf or even McDonald’s McCafé. Basically, it is a drink composed of flavourings, dairy (or dairy substitutes like almond milk for vegans and lactose-intolerant) and ice cubes. The frappe ingredients are then blended to get that very smooth slushy-like feel.

Sounds simple right? Wrong!

Without a proper emulsifier, a frappe is just a finely crushed sweetened ice with a scent. A frappe as previously mentioned has a smooth texture, not thick chunks of ice. Even ice chips are not allowed. So how do you get a frappe to be…frappe?

A little trick that cafes and coffee shops use is frappe powder. There are some who prefer to use a frappe base powder.  A frappe or frappe base powder contains a binding agent or emulsifier that gives a drink that signature frappe goodness. But are there any differences between them?

Frappe Powder vs Frappe Base Powder



Contains emulsifiers, sweetener and flavourings.

Does not contain sweetness and/or cream.

Made for convenience.

Specially formulated for customized drinks.

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Which powder is the best for you?

thumbnail frappe powder
Different powder for different application.

Both mixes serve to provide the best and smoothest frappe for your customers, depending on its application. If your business is fast-paced and wants to be consistent, try opting for a frappe powder where everything is readily mixed. Each serve is the same perfect smooth ice blended drink. But, if you want to show-off what you can do with flavours, go for the frappe base powder. Every masterpiece requires a canvas.

Where can I get?

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