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Yogurt Base

Combine the tartness and creaminess of GFB’s Yogurt Powder to create berry smoothies, fruity yogurt bars, milky frozen yogurt, creamy desserts and more, the combinations are endless !   Waking up in the middle of the night worried about the spoiling wet yogurt in the store? Yogurt Powder is the answer. Yogurt Powder is concentrated convenience. With a low risk of spoiling, Yogurt Powder is easier and lest costly to handle and store compared to wet yogurt, letting you sleep well at night.

Ingredients and Allergent

yogurt powder, non dairy cream, sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin, milk solid powder, food stabilizer , citric acid, ascorbid acid and yogurt flavour.

Packing Size and Storage

1kg x 20 pkts / carton

Application and Shelf Life

Preparing Method

Learn to make Ice Blended or Milkshake from our preparing method below:

Ice Blended