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Enjoy the aroma, creaminess and sweetness of King of Fruit- Durian. It is a very  Popular Fruit in South East Asia. It can be made into dessert, beverages, cakes,pastry and cookies.

How to Use Our Product?

Drop a spoonful of  Durian Powder for milkshakes or blend it into smoothies. Use it to flavour baked goods, create spreads for fillings or make irresistible Durian ice cream! Try out a new flavour for any special occasions and our food consultants and GFB will be happy to on-board you so that you can be fully confident about our products.

Preparing Method

Learn to make Ice Blended or Milkshake from our preparing method below:


Packing Size

1kg x 20 pkts / carton

Ice Blended Preparing Method

Preparing Method-01
Preparing Method-02
Preparing Method-03

Milkshake Preparing Method

Preparing Method-04
Preparing Method-05
Preparing Method-06