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How to make Chocolate Ice-Blended

Ice-Blended is always what people crave on a hot sunny day. Well, since we are located in Malaysia, a warmer tropical country, it’s literally perfect. Chocolate Ice-Blended is perfect for those who possess a sweet tooth. It contains rich chocolatey taste and a cooling sensation just enough to kill the heat and make our summer sweet.

Getting into the preparations, we will be needing 100g of our GFB Chocolate Ice-Blended beverage powder, 250ml of evaporated milk, 250ml of hot water and 400g of ice cubes(Crushed ice are more recommended but ice cubes will do just fine). You can always try other recipes just according to your own creativity.

Now sometimes we see people make ice-blended by tossing all the ingredients into the blender at once and blend. But we can always make it step by step. First off, we can take the beverage powder, evaporated milk and hot water and pour it into the blender then give it a good spin until it’s in a creamy texture. Then we can add up the ice and just give it a 2 minutes blend. Not too long because we want a slushy texture.

And now for the finale, pour it into the cup or a mason jar, if you prefer. We can always make a drink better with some decoration on the top. Whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, caramel syrup or whatever you are able to think of for the decoration. Express your very own creativity.

Chocolate Ice-Blended

Nothing is better than a Chocolate Ice-Blended on a hot sunny day, but we can always have it on a cold day too. Eventually, it’s actually all up to you. Don’t forget to likes and follows us on Facebook, Instagram and Shopee.

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