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Easy Guide for Easy Iced Tea


Iced tea is a go-to beverage to fight the heat and quench parched throats. Iced tea varied depending on its region. Endless ingredients have made its way into an iced tea blend from actual tea leaves to fruits like strawberry or lemon to medicinal herbs such as ginseng. Regardless of what goes in a glass, iced tea has been a popular summer drink around the globe. And since it is a highly likable drink, iced tea can be found in bottles or cans at your nearest convenience store. Brands like Lipton, Nestea, BOH Tea & MIX-LAH produced instant iced tea powder to make sure everyone can enjoy this cold beverage anytime anywhere without a hustle.

The Basic with MIX-LAH Iced Tea Powder


1. Add 200 ml hot water and 20g MIX-LAH Iced Tea Powder of your choice into a glass.

2. Mix until dissolved.

3. Add some ice cubes into the glass. Decorate with lemon and/or mint leaves.

Of course, that’s the basic one, but iced tea is very open to experimenting with other ingredients like fruits and other toppings like boba. Here’s another interesting takes on regular iced tea;

Soda Iced Tea Recipe

This version has a fizzy flavor compared to regular iced tea. Addition of fruits like peach or lychee makes the experience more enjoyable.

What you’ll need.

1. MIX-LAH Ice Tea Powder of your choice.

2. Hot water.

3. Soda/Sparkling water.

4. Diced or sliced fruits of your preference.

5. Ice cubes.


How it’s done;

1. Add in 30g of MIX-LAH Ice Tea Powder along with 100ml hot water. Make sure the hot water is enough to dissolve the iced tea powder.

2. In a glass, add in your fruits (a tablespoon should be enough) and the dissolved iced tea powder mix.

3. Add in a cup of ice cubes and soda until it fills the whole glass. Done!

Night Bazar Herb Soda


Malaysians knew well of this iconic Pasar Malam drink. Yes, you read that correctly. The Herb Soda is a simple punch made of ice cream soda with lemongrass, mint leaves, lychee, asam boi and lemon. It is a sweet and refreshing drink that you can only find in pasar malam or night bazar. Below is a recipe for this special punch with a twist.

What you’ll need:

  1. Two sticks of lemongrass.
  2. One can of lychee.
  3. Asam boi.
  4. Mint leaves.
  5. MIX-LAH Ice Tea Lemon Powder 100g.
  6. One liter of ice Cream Soda.
  7. Hot water.
  8. Ice cubes.

How it’s done:

  1. Lightly mash on the lemon grass until it splits open. You don’t want to go overboard with this.
  2. In a pitcher, combine three tablespoons of Mix-Lah Ice Tea Lemon Powder mix with hot water until dissolve. No need to add too much unless you plan to make it hot.
  3. In the same pitcher, add in one can of lychee (with just a hint of its syrup), asam boi, the mashed lemongrass and mint leaves.
  4. Pour in ice cubes until it fills the pitcher.
  5. Pour in ice cream soda until it fills the pitcher.
  6. You can add in a few lemon slices for decoration, stir and enjoy!

MIX-LAH Ice Tea Premix serves to save your time and effort while providing the best-tasting iced tea. No sugar is needed here. Just water and a few cubes of ice will do the trick. Mix-Lah Ice Tea Premix is a concentrated instant fruit tea powder. A kilogram of this instant iced tea powder can make up to 10 L drink. Mix-Lah Ice Tea Premix comes in variety different flavors; lemon, mix berry, peach and strawberry. 

Iced tea is a very nice drink to have while we’re being melted by the sun. It’s super refreshing plus a base to other types of ingredients and toppings. Instant iced tea powders made it easier to prepare since it already contains sugar and flavor. All it needs is hot water and ice cubes.

If you like to see further information on brands that sell instant iced tea mix, click this link ShopeeLazada and GFB Official Store.

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