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Drink Toppings you must to know

A simple garnish or just another layer on top of our grateful dish will make it spectacular and outstanding. Drink Toppings are common among F&Bs for it is the finishing touch for a dish, to show the dish true value. We, GFB, provide toppings as well but only limit to sweet toppings. Like our Instant Q Jelly, Instant Pearl Jelly, Tapioca Pearl and our own Instant Pearls.

Instant Q Jelly

Instant Q Jelly is a Thailand import product. It’s chewy and consists of a colorful outer look. It comes in a rectangular shape instead of the widely used pearl shape. It’s suitable for beverages and desserts topping for its colorful outer look will draw lots of attention.

Instant Pearl Jelly

Instant Pearl Jelly is also a Thailand import product. Chewy texture but comes with a darker outlook rather than rainbow color. Like boba pearls, it comes in a pearl shape but larger. Suitable for beverages and desserts topping.

Oops, cooked boba

Tapioca Pearls are uncooked boba pearls. These are the most widely used in the bubble tea business. It’s the most common boba pearl suitable for beverages and desserts topping.

Instant Pearls(Rainbow)

Instant Pearls are a product of our own GFB. We have three different flavors for it, brown sugar, rainbow, and coffee. They are just boba with flavors which will save some work for some people. Very suitable for beverages and dessert topping but because it already has flavors, you have to be careful while using it. Afraid it might ruin the taste of a grand dish.

Even a small thing can make so many changes. Even a minor ignorance can make such a big difference. Topping is just that one small simple thing to make a dish perfect. We also have our own “topping” in life, did u miss something?