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All you need to know about Fruit Tea


Fruit tea is tea brew with the aroma and taste of refreshing fruits. Making it a special cup of tea due to the fruits essence and the aromatic tea itself. Any kind of tea density gets thicker, it actually taste more bitter but not fruit teas. If the density of the fruit tea gets thicker, it actually tastes nicer and sweeter.

Of course, the above statement of fruit tea is true and trust able. But the density is recommended to follow as exact as how the packaging states. Our fruit tea beverages powder is quite famous for its’ nice taste and aromatic smell. We have a few kinds of fruit teas, like Peach Tea, Mixberry Tea and last but not least, the infamous Lemon Tea.

Fruit tea by MIX-LAH series package is mostly in 1 kilogram package which is able to make around 20 cups of 200 ml fruit tea (based on your preparation). The water and powder proportion should be around 9 to 1. Well, based on our product regular instruction is 180 ml of water and 20 g of our fruit tea powder. In the end, we top it with some ice and enjoy this sweet and refreshing delicacy to make fruit tea more refreshing and taste good.

Normal Tea is so boring sometimes. So why not make new passion by try our fruit tea MIX-LAH series, let us try to satisfy your taste bud. In special times, it just takes a little courage to change and be better.

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